[TWITTER] 130608 CNU’s Twitter Update

우리 둘 다 처음 타보는 KTX ㅎㅎ 세상에 이렇게 빠를수가 있나!!!! 암튼 포항으로 갑니다~!! pic.twitter.com/Jgoe7cRm7S

[eng] The KTX that both of us are riding for the first time ㅎㅎ How could it be this fast!!!!! Anyways, we’re going to Pohang~!!

[ina] KTX yang kita berdua naiki untuk pertama kalinya ㅎㅎ Bagaimana kereta ini bisa sangat cepat!!!!!! Btw, kita sedang menuju Pohan~!!

Trans: hyejin@b1a4trans
Trans ina: alwaysb1a4indo
Take out with full credits


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