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[INFO][ENG] AMAZING STORE: 2013 B1A4 Limited Show Explanation

B1A4’s 2nd exclusive concert~

 Title: 2013 B1A4 LIMITED SHOW

  • Date: Aug. 7th, 2013 (wed) – 11th (sun) / Weekdays 8PM, Saturday 6PM, Sunday 4PM
  • Venue: UNIQLO AX (formerly AX-KOREA)
  • Ticket price: Standing KRW99,000 / Seat KRW99,000
  • Tickets at : Interpark (Call : 1544-1555)


  • Fan club ticket Pre-sale will start Jun. 26th, 2013 (wed) 8PM ~ 27th, 2013 (thu) 4PM.
  • General tickets will be available from Jun. 27th, 2013 (thu) 8PM



Lights go off in the store once full of people

There are only a silence at the ‘AMAZING STORE’

In the brightly lit show window

There stands the best-seller ‘TOY B1A4’.

In rectangular frame, more dazzling than day

Most wanted 5 toys

Longing to meet their eyes

Plenty of signs from the people passing by the window

The unknown noise stopped in the silence of night

The seal is broken at the ‘AMAZING STORE’

[ OPEN ]


There are five nights to remember between ourselves.

What`s happening at the AMAZING STORE?



B1A4 presented exciting performances looking like musical stage in previous 1st BABA B1A4 concert

“Can you imagine that B1A4 has become ‘TOY B1A4’?” August 2013, The ‘B1A4 special limited show’ begins for five days



The B1A4 concert has story which only B1A4 can speak.

One summer night, B1A4 will present a fantasy story in AMAZING STORE!



To develop into the musician, B1A4 will be performing with a live band!

New style of music from B1A4 can only be heard from this concert.



They are full of energy when B1A4 performs about ‘Music’, ‘Performance’, ‘Audience’.

Exciting idea of B1A4 makes twinkling shines around the ‘AMAZING STORE’.


B1A4 took their first no. 1 spot with their latest title “What’s going on?” written by their leader, Jinyoung.

In the coming B1A4’s 2nd concert, they will present a whole new concept and get excited with fans in a closer space.

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