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[TWITTER] 130811 Baro’s Twitter Update

[E] Finished preparations!! Kyaool 🙂
[B] Persiapan selesai!! Kyaool 🙂

[E] “@afrobaehyo: #b1a4 #amazingstore #finishedconcert #everyone worked hard!!!! See you again next time” -End-

[E] The Amazing Store has closed up shop~ Thank you so much to everyone who came during those 5 days. Also, due to a problem in the DVD recording, I had to do my solo stage again ㅜㅜ For those who weren’t able to see it, don’t be too sad and wait for the DVD~ I thank you once again!

[B] Amazing Store telah ditutup~ Terimakasih banyak kepada semua yang datang selama 5 hari ini. Juga, karena masalah pada recording DVD, aku harus melakukan solo stage lagi ㅜㅜ Bagi kalian yang tidak bisa melihatnya, jangan bersedih dan tunggu DVDnya~ Sekali lagi aku berterima kasih!

source : baro’s twitter
trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans
ina trans :
take out with full credits


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