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[TWITTER] 160129 Jinyoung Twitter Update

160129 Jinyoung twitter Update
정진영 left a voice message on flitto

Hello everyone, this is Jinyoung. Uh because we will have a concert at Osaka tomorrow, we arrived at Osaka safely, and I’m in a hotel. Osaka is raining a lot now, so it’s a sentimental night. Sandeul is next to me.
Jinyoung : “Sandeul, say hello!”
Sandeul : “Hello! I’m Sandeul.”
Jinyoung : “Are you Sa…Sandeul?”
Okay, he said hello. I will recommend a song today as well. It’s ‘Wrong number(eobsneunbeonho)’ of Oneway. Its lyrics mean that someone called because of missing but the number didn’t exist. This song harmonize with the sentimental night like today. I hope you to listen this song when you go to bed. Sweet dreams, bye.


Halo semuanya, ini Jinyoung. Uh karena besok kami punya konser di Osaka, kami tiba di Osaka dengan selamat dan aku di hotel sekarang. Sekarang di Osaka sedang hujan deras, jadi malam ini serasa sentimental. Sandeul ada di sebelahku.
Jinyoung : “Sandeul, ucapkan salam!”
Sandeul : “Halo! Aku Sandeul.”
Jinyoung : “Kamu Sa…Sandeul?”
Okay, dia ucapkan halo. Hari ini aku juga akan merekomendasikan sebuah lagu. he said hello. Oneway – ‘Wrong number(없는번호). Liriknya tentang seseorang yang menelepon karena kangen tapi nomornya tidak terdaftar. Lagu ini cocok dengan malam yang sentimental seperti hari ini. Aku harap kalian mendengar lagu ini sebelum tidur. Mimpi indah, dada.

ENG TRANS by aimable_JY
INA TRANS by chg



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