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[FANCAFE] 160406 Gongchan’s Update


[I’m Gongchan] Bbababam~~ Have you been well~??

Lately the weather has been very very nice~ With this kind of weather I want to spend the entire day outside~ It’s also lovely that the flowers have fully bloomed~ Now that the weather has gotten better, don’t just stay indoors, go outside and play~~ Who knows, you might even come across me^^🤗 Ah~~ I should inform you about the event I held last time in the Attic room~ For the fan who posted the lucky-7th comment on my post, I personally took a photo, wrote with my own handwriting, decorated, and made an envelope which I sent to the post office~ I wish for our fan to receive it quickly~ and here’s a proof shot ~ tadah~

p.s Everyone, don’t be disappointed that you didn’t get selected for this event~ there will be many opportunities~~


Source: Fancafe
Eng Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and translator.



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